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Post-Surgery Look After Your Pet


Your canine might not feel himself for the next 12 to 24 hours. Keep him in a warm, peaceful location, away from other pets, where he can rest and is not likely to wound himself. An airline kennel or a small space is ideal.

Never ever feed or offer water to a dog that still appears groggy. Once your dog appears alert and awake, take things slow. If all goes well, a small quantity of food can be offered a couple of hours later.


Your canine must be kept silent today. Throughout the next week, his workout should be restricted reasonably. Brief leash walks are OKAY unless your vet suggests otherwise. You can couple short bouts of exercise with the healthy choice of treat: homemade dog biscuit recipes.

Some surgical treatments need more severe constraint or particular kinds of workout. Make sure you comprehend your veterinarians directions, and follow them faithfully.

Environment and Grooming

Keep your dog in a warm place today and tonight, preferably indoors. Make certain his bed linen and the location where he lives are dry and particularly clean.

Do not bathe your pet or allow him to swim for at least one week since the cut should remain dry. If the area around his cut appears stained, you can meticulously wipe his skin with warm water and a mild antiseptic soap, then rinse by wiping with plain water. Avoid getting soap or water directly on the cut.


A medical laceration may feel aching, scratchy, or just various to your pet dog. His natural instinct is to lick, chew or scratch. If you discover him troubling his laceration, ask your vet if he might need an Elizabethan collar. The Elizabethan collar must be worn at all times when you are not viewing him, its amazing how rapidly a pet can take out a stitch when you turn your back.


Check your pets incision daily. Alert your vet if you see any boost in swelling, release, bleeding, soreness, or if you think stitches might be missing out on. Dog crates are ideal for keeping your dog from tearing stiches.

If your dog has a cast or bandage, check it daily to be sure its dry, clean, and has no nasty smell. Bandages can be kept dry and clean during journeys outdoors by putting a plastic bag over the limb and taping it in place.

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